Company - presentation

The Company is dated back to the 1975 and since origins operates in the area of cold plate printing, working on medium, small and minimal details with the following materials:
C15, C30, C35, C40, C45, C60, C67, DC01, DC02, DC03, AISI304, AISI430, 17.7PH, 16CrNi4, 18NiCrMo5, 39NiCrMo3, OT67, Ag, aluminium, titanium.
All the process is based on very good and decades reputation.
The way we follow the client is based on:
CODESIGN by combining production experience and physical functional product characteristics
PROTOTYPING creating prototype with same characteristics of the final mass-production
REALIZATION of printing and padding tools, milling masks, assembling masks, functional control calibers, process control calibers.
MASSPRODUCTION includig heat and surface treatmen
ASSEMBLING of parts ready for assembly
DOCUMENTS including raw material certificates,  heat and surface treatments, control certificates of all the details required by client
Operating in a large range of offers, we focus on arms sector (mechanism and enslavement) including prototype and staff ready to assembly. All the production work is operated inside our company and we can offer an high quality standard in the order management, with large flexibility in terms of order variations and tools modifications.

S.A.T.I. s.r.l.
Via Ugo Foscolo 46/48 - 20833 Giussano (MB) - ITALY
P.IVA 00731860961
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