Company - history

Here our history, our foundations:

Was the 1975 when our founders Aldo Galimberti and his wife Bruna Bovo, together with Claudio Bovo and his wife Roberta Del Giovannino created our company by founding S.A.T.I. di Del Giovannino Roberta & C. s.a.s, in a small garage belonged to the family.

After few years the company had been transferred in a suitable rented location, a little commercial building; the first machines were purchased and the first employees arrived. One of them in the 2014 celebrated 35 years working with us.

In 1984 the company changed its name in S.A.T.I. di Galimberti Aldo Bovo& C. s.n.c. and  in 1996 purchased the commercial building where we actually have our business; in the same year the first control machines for the tooling area had been installed.

In 2001 the partners Claudio Bovo and Roberta Del Giovannino left the company while entering Massimo Galimberti and Elisa galimberti; in the same year the first work centers for production departments had been introduced.

In 2007 because of the needing of a larger space  due to the  corporate growth we had to buy a new building intended to warehouse, medical checks area and deposit for different machines.

In 2008 our company name had been converted into S.A.T.I s.r.l., that is the current  denomination.

At the present we have  a staff of 15 people and 4 holders.

Since the company was born our care for quality never changed in every  processing step as our service offered to the client from the first contact.

S.A.T.I. s.r.l.
Via Ugo Foscolo 46/48 - 20833 Giussano (MB) - ITALY
P.IVA 00731860961
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