Company - commitment to the environment

How to make a contribution to improve the environment in which we live?

Is it possible to do something to impact as little as possible on the environment and give a better future?

At SATI, we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to make their own contribution aware of the fact that using petroleum products is the same as freeing up CO2 in the atmosphere geological eras ago (with consequent global warming) and introducing pollutants into the environment.

From 2017, year of construction of the new headquarters, SATI has a photovoltaic system able to cover over the annual energy requirement. This allows us to make products and equipment using renewable sources and saving more than 50ton / year of CO2 into the atmosphere.
In 2018 SATI has partnered with EQ srl, a partner in the field of cutting and molding oils (, joining the STOP OIL project. The oils that have always been used both emulsifiable and whole are derived from petroleum. Thanks to EQ, SATI has abandoned these oils passing to bio lubricants obtained from plants and oil seeds suitably dismantled, cut off from substances that are not good and reassembled in order to obtain the characteristics for each specific application (from the removal of chip to molding) , biodegradable, free from irritants, carcinogens, mutagens, and bacterial fillers.

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